Our Approach

We usually start most of our discussions with potential clients through a phone call or a call in response to an email enquiry. If you would like we will organise an initial meeting at a mutually convenient time and place.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting is an opportunity for us to meet and explore options through a structured exchange of information. The purpose of this is to gain a clear understanding of your situation, requirements and objectives. Advice is only as good as the information provided, therefore an in-depth understanding is vital. It is usually necessary to carry out a ‘fact find’ to understand more about any existing arrangements and how these suit your needs. Everything discussed at the initial meeting is confidential and we are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and bound by the Financial Conduct Authority rules on confidentiality.

We agree on the next steps at the initial meeting. This could be some further research, an email containing some recommendations or a written report. These will form the basis for future discussions, together with other professional advisers, if appropriate.


The initial meeting is free with no obligation on you to use our services. If you decide to go ahead with a strategy based on our recommendations, using our services, then all fees will be clearly detailed and agreed before we implement any plans. You will not pay for any advice given at the initial meeting or through the production of the written report.

Treating Customers Fairly

Sulis Wealth is committed to providing the highest standards in everything we do. We take very seriously the Financial Conduct Authority directive to 'treat customers fairly’. We strive to provide the highest standard of advice in all areas we advise on.

Regular Review Meetings

A common reason for failing to achieve financial objectives is a failure to regularly review and monitor arrangements. It is essential to do so, in order to ensure the strategy is in line with the objectives. A formal valuation and review would normally take place at least once a year, together with unlimited telephone and email access to Sulis Wealth.